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  • I am Caption!


We are a company with an objective to provide software solutions for all employee monitoring issues. Our services include

  • Computer monitoring tools such as time tracking applications, project management employee monitoring tools
  • Software applications which monitor the web activity of employees and filter content.

  • Our intelligent software services help to monitor and analyse productivity, inefficiency and theft.
  • If your business has people travelling every now and then, our GPS tracking software will help you track employee location, not only improving their efficiency but also address security concerns.

  • We have recently ventured into providing software solutions for deleted and retrieved critical data and inactivity monitoring issues.

  • We undertake maintenance and updating of our software products.
  • We provide secure software solutions for organisations such as permission-based access to critical and sensitive data, two-factor authentication and encryption services.

     Why software solutions for employee monitoring practices?
Well, employing people to monitor activities is not a pragmatic solution to all complex problems of modern business organisations and their employees. It may cause stress, friction and bias in the workplace. An efficient software system is the solution to your problems. The overt and covert monitoring software solutions that technology makes available today may be the answer to several issues that corporate houses maybe facing today.
  Our goals and mission:

  • To promote healthy and ethical employee monitoring practices.
  • To protect privacy and do away with invasive monitoring.
  • Our goal is to provide software solutions that are above the board, ethical and well within the legal framework.
  • Our mission is to manage security concerns such as leaking of critical information, hacking and malware, thereby protecting business houses from risks and litigation.